September the time to plant Spring flowers in your garden

We've been talking to our friend Blue Diamond Home & Garden Assistant Manager, Adam Mould about Spring planting this week! 

Autumn seems to have fallen quickly this year, and thoughts in the gardening world are well and truly focused on spring time - this is what Adam had to say:

"September brings a more relaxed feel in the garden with the weather becoming cooler and days shortening. The garden begins to slow down, and the fight to keep your plants watered or deadheaded has eased and a new wave of tasks is awaiting us. 
The combination of the warmth of the soil retained from the summer months along with the promise of rain makes this a perfect time for planting perennials and shrubs. These conditions enormously help establish the plants and prepare them for winter. 
The early colour these bulbs deliver in the Spring is hard to beat! Whether planting in beds, lawn or containers, I advise planting bulbs about two to three times their height and making sure the soil has good drainage, adding a handful of horticultural grit to improve drainage. Plant daffodils in late September or early October while tulips can be planted later in the year in November".
Blue Diamond Home & Garden stock an extensive range of Spring Bulbs - see in-store for details. 
phil maclean