Nightmare shopping experience turns out good with the BIG help of Paul


Read this fantastic review from one of our shoppers, Stacey Wood....

I visited The Valley on Friday with my 6 year old son Toby, who suffers with a mild form of Autism.  We firstly visited the Garden Centre and The Works and in both stores received good customer service.

It was all set to change when we exited The Works! Toby decided that this would be the time to have a full on meltdown. With my hands full of shopping, I was really struggling to calm him down and it didn't help with on lookers standing and sniggering.

I really thought my world was coming to an end until a very kind gentleman came over and introduced him self as Paul, the Facilities Manager and asked if we were both ok.

I explained to Paul that my son Toby suffered from Autism and that any little thing could trigger him off. Paul was very knowledge about the subject and supportive of our situation.  I was set on heading back to the car a driving home but Paul was determined for me and Toby to continue on are little shopping trip.

Paul offered to carry my bags (an offer I took up) so my attention was now focused on Toby.

We popped into Pavers were I stood looking at all the lovely shoes and looked on at Paul and Toby playing peekaboo over the shoe boxes.

Paul is a fabulous ambassador for The Valley and someone you should all be proud of.

We look forward to visiting The Valley again soon.

Kind regards

Stacey xx

phil maclean